WELCOME to the CATALYST IntelliTank line of wine and beer making tanks designed specifically for the vintner's and craft brewer's needs.

These tanks bring a whole new level of professionalism to an industry that has had to resort to makeshift or cheap vessels to contain some of the finest wines and beers made in the world.  

As you explore our store and develop your arsenal of CATALYST equipment, you’ll find that our products will become some of the most versatile pieces of fermenting and aging equipment in your facility.  Capable of withstanding the rigors of daily use in your winery or brewery, IntelliTanks will perform to your high standards of quality in all your wine and beer making endeavors.  

The IntelliTank is designed to eliminate negative impacts on your wine and beer by minimizing head space with its tapered top and, by angling and offsetting the spout, allows for stacking tanks closely above each to reduce the footprint of your wine and beer storage. Right out of the box, you can start using your IntelliTank for fermenting and aging wine and beer.


Trying to Blow Up an IntelliTank

December 29, 2015

Testing a new product takes all kinds of forms, and we tested the heck out of the IntelliTanks before bringing them to market.  Take a look at us trying to explode this prototype IntelliTank 57 with over twice the pressure it is rated at.  The end may shock you... Continue Reading →

The Ported Spout and Vacuum Racking

December 10, 2015

Our IntelliTanks are built with high quality, high-density polyethylene.  The spout that comes with the tank as a basic model is a 1-1/2” diameter 304 grade stainless steel tube with a nominal 1-1/2” stainless steel sanitary ferrule welded on the tube.  It is secured to the top of the tank with six stainless steel screws and washers through a 1/8” thick silicone gasket, ensuring an air-tight seal. We chose to use the sanitary system because it is the standard for the wine industry’s systems of securely and quickly attaching hoses, pumps, and other equipment to each other.  For the vintner and brewer who wants to expand the capability of their IntelliTanks, we’ve created the Ported Spout. By replacing the Standard... Continue Reading →